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Current Registration: XJI3 777
Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Regency Red
Trim: Magnolia Hide Trim
DoM: 17th May 1994 (built in the final month of XJ40 production, with a very late VIN!)
First Registered: June 1994
Current owner since: July 2006
Current mileage: 118478 
MoT expires: May 2022


For those who are not aware, the ‘Majestic’ is the long wheel base version of the XJ40, code named XJ83 (3.2/4.0) and XJ82 (V12) which was only available for the 1993 and 1994 model years, almost at the end of XJ40 production, when all of the bugs had been ironed out and XJ40 had reached its peak.
Unlike its namesake, which preceded it by a couple of years, this was a sophisticated conversion, rather than ‘badge engineering’ accompanied by a few trim upgrades and signature colour scheme.
Part finished body shells were supplied by Jaguar to Project Aerospace in Coventry. Here the floorpan was lengthened by 5 inches, immediately behind the B-post. A bespoke roof, which was longer and 2 inches higher (at the rear) than that of a standard XJ40, was manufactured and added. B-posts, door frames and rear doors were all bespoke, to fit a car that was not only longer, but also higher than standard. The rear screen is larger and set at a steeper angle than a standard XJ40.
The completed shells were then returned to Brown’s Lane to be added to the production line and finished alongside the standard wheelbase cars.
Due to their added length and roof height some parts are unique to these cars, such as, the fuel lines, propshaft, all glass (except windscreen) and trim details, all of which were bespoke items manufactured specifically for these cars, rather than adapted or extended from existing parts.

Badged as a ‘Gold’ and marketed as a Limited Edition, this was the run-out model for XJ40 and therefore came at the very end of production. For the UK market, it was only available as an XJ6 and the figures below will confirm that the majority were 3.2. 
‘Gold’ referred to the model designation, and is nothing to do with the colour, which would have been selected from the standard Jaguar palette of the time. The Gold introduced Kiwi style alloy wheels (16 inch and diamond turned) plus colour keyed gearshift surround and handbrake grip. It could be further recognised by gold grille, boot and wheel badges, “3 flute” style leather seat panels and twin coachlines. 
The Gold was a very basic specification, for example, air conditioning, cruise control and fully electric seats would have been part of a long list of extra cost options available when ordering the car. The extra cost options specified for this particular example included Regency Red metallic paint and Magnolia trim.
The basic list price for an XJ6 Gold in January 1994 was £28,950 –and ordering the same car as a Majestic would have added £8500 to the total price! 

Both the Majestic and the Gold were rare models, with total production figures being listed below.
Majestic (all specifications): 267
Included within this number were 4 Majestic XJ40’s powered by the 3.2 engine.  
XJ6 Gold: 1525
Included within this number, 1502 were powered by the 3.2 engine.
The remaining 23 were powered by the 4.0 unit, none of which were Majestic XJ40’s.

Of all those listed above, ONLY THREE were produced as a Majestic Gold and all were specified as a 3.2 XJ6 – the car featured here is the only one finished in Regency Red with Magnolia hide trim.        
The whereabouts of the other two cars is unknown, and from our research we believe this to be the only surviving Majestic Gold!


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