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Written by Jaguar enthusiast Brian Devlin, this book is essential reading for all those who wish to dispel the myths about Jaguar cars built outside of Coventry!

Brian is a true Jaguar enthusiast, active in the Jaguar club scene, and who travelled all the way from New Zealand to join us at a Mark 1 Day in the UK in 2015. He regularly helps other Jaguar owners, and has been a huge support to Paul Keating in his quest to catalogue every XJ40 ever produced, be it dead or alive!


Tracking the Cats is described as ‘A personal mission to find and record the Nelson-assembled Jaguars and Daimlers’ the book tells the complete story of the assembly of Jaguar and Daimler XJ6 Series 1 and Series 2 at the former New Zealand Motor Corporation Plant at Stoke in Nelson, New Zealand, between 1971 and 1978.

This carefully researched book adds to the understanding of the complex New Zealand vehicle assembly industry and restrictive conditions under which it was forced to operate for many years.


132 pages

300 x 210 mm in size

Over 200 colour photographs and illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-473-48771-3


“I am sure that many Jaguar owners and Jaguar enthusiasts will enjoy reading the information that has been compiled in the book.”

Norton Moller, Managing Director, Jaguar Distributors Ltd.


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"Tracking the Cats" by Brian Devlin

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